Fear of Public Speaking?

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Blinding Light!

Acting Method International Le trac

I walk forward, proudly, trying to look composed, but losing all control. My legs are jelly and my heart is beating like a drum!

Beads of sweat appear on my forehead and run all the way down my back. My soaking hands are shaking uncontrollably and my wits are frozen: I can’t think any more, my mind has frozen, I don’t have a clue what I’m supposed to say! I feel I’m about to die!!

Someone in the wings beckons me to start. But the lump in my throat feels the size of a golf ball – I’m completely tongue-tied. I can’t breathe!! I get ready to take the plunge, relying on a life buoy to stop me from sinking.

Acting Method International Le trac

I take one step towards the spotlight. There’s a whole sea of eyes trained  on me – thousands of sharks just waiting to rip me to pieces, to make mincemeat of me! I’m about to meet my Maker…

I faint, right there, in front of the audience, before I even get a chance to grab my life buoy – my PowerPoint presentation!…

I wake with a start, completely parched. I turn on the light and drink a mouthful of water. I’ve been having the exact same nightmare, night after night – ever since I’ve known that I’m going to have to…

SPEAK IN PUBLIC!!! Dun dun duuun!!!!

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