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I pitch, you pitch, we pitch…The pitch tune is in fashion everywhere and in every language…

Acting Method International le pitch

However  «  pitching   » is not new. This english word comes from   » sales pitch  » which is a short sales presentation. When pitching you want to entertain while introducing yourself, your products or services in an enticing way.

You want to  create an instant attraction and desire to learn more about you and your products! Indeed a pitch should be a real teaser alike a  teaser campaign where a series of small ads are launched  that anticipate a larger, full-blown campaign or as a teaser trailor  for an upcoming film  usually released long in advance, so as to « tease » the audience.

Acting Method International le pitch

History of  Pitch :

First time I heard the word « pitch  » was in Hollywood. I was a young actress and I attended a writing workshop in Los Angeles : Screenwriting – Beyond Structure animated by writer D.S.Freeman. I then learned that the pitch was the hook, designed to sell a script to a producer. In the city of cinema, writers are many, they have thousands of great ideas and to develop them into a scenario that may eventually become a movie, you need a producer. How do you convince a busy busy producer? With a great  pitch, of course! Persuading in a few words , that your idea is brilliant, unique and will hook the audience!

What’s your pitch? We practiced for hours to answer that question until we could pitch at will!

Acting Method International le pitch

Example of a famous pitch:

The writer of blockbuster  » ALIEN  » convinced the producers to produce his script by simply saying:

« Imagine the movie JAWS in space. » They bought it right away!

And you … What’s your pitch?

Carmela Valente

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